TrustBuilder Value Proposition

One bad customer review can destroy your reputation for years and cost you thousands.

We provide a service that any business can use to:

  • catch bad reviews and protect your reputation.
  • decrease your advertising cost.
  • improve customer trust.
  • build loyal customer relationships.
  • automatically create fresh website content that boosts your SEO.

All for 5 minutes of your time per week.

What is TrustBuilder?

Reputation Management - Grow your business...

  • Protect your online reputation.
  • More new customers (better reputation = customer trust = greater advertising results).
  • Loyal, long-term customer relationships.
  • Better Search Ranking SEO


Attract MORE New Customers

  • Improve your reputation - automated reputation machine
  • Better advertising results - a good reputation sells!
  • Trust sells - Prevent Negative Reviews!


Grow Your Business

  • Get valuable customer feedback to improve your business
  • Boost customer satisfaction & keep more customers
  • Deliver customer experience worthy of 5-star reviews
  • Find out what customers like, and don't like
  • Improve employee performance
  • Improve business operations


Improve Customer Relationships

  • Your private business analyst - improve customer relations
  • Receive valuable customer feedback - improve your business
  • Boost customer loyalty - keep more customers


Better Search Ranking SEO

  • Increase search engine position
  • highlighted search listings
  • Automated fresh website content (your customers do it for you)


Relax, It's Easy

  • Easy for you
  • Quick for your customers
  • Automatically ask for reviews - the way your customers (and you) will like


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