Grow Your Massage Therapy Business With Customer Feedback & Reviews

TrustBuilder works great for Massage Therapy Clinics since they are a service business. With any health care service establishing and maintaining communications with patients is very important.

Often clients come to Massage Therapy for a specific problem. Then there can be long period of time before you see them again. It is important to develop a strong relationship so when clients need your services you come to mind.

And using client feedback as testimonials can help create a great reputation which improves your marketing for new clients.

How It Works

  1. Let TrustBuilder develop a lasting, loyal relationship with your clients.
  2. Catch unhappy clients BEFORE they go online and damage your reputation.
  3. Use positive client feedback to publicize and promote your great reputation.
  4. Get better advertising results with a great reputation.
  5. Use client testimonials as fresh website content to improve SEO.
  6. How to use Trust Builder with Single Location and Multiple Massage Therapy Practitioners

Focus On Running Your Business

Once TrustBuilder is setup, you can focus on running your business. You can promote your page URL by word-of-mouth, posting it in your showroom, adding it to your stationery, putting it on your website, marketing emails, or social media pages.

Let Us Help

When you're ready to seriously build a solid relationship with your clients let the many features of TrustBuilder help you prevent bad reviews, encourage better reviews, and grow your business.

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