SMS Text Message Feedback Requests

TrustBuilder Text Message feature allows you to send plain text message, or MMS photo text message, feedback requests to customers.

Why Send Feedback Requests Via SMS Text Message

98% of text messages are opened – twice the open rate of email requests (email typically has 40%-50% open rate on our platform). The combination of a higher open rate and mobile-friendliness will lead to more feedback, data, and reviews for your business.

Text + Photos

Our MMS option allows you to send text message requests with an image and greater text length to make your message really stand out (additional cost).

How To Use SMS

Using TrustBuilder SMS is simple. Just include your customer's phone number in your customer list. Our automated system will automatically send to SMS when you include the phone number in your customer list.

How To Upgrade To Text Message Feedback Requests

Just contact us.

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