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Saturday, 17 Feb 2018

The number one reason for bad customer reviews is not listening to your customer.

Most common new customer complaint is overcharging.

Every customer is different and it is extremely important that you to learn the level of service they wish to pay for.

Saturday, 05 Aug 2017

TrustBuilder and Remote Business Management

A TrustBuilder user recently mention that one of the best features was allowing him to monitor what is happening at his business while he is not there.

Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017
Your problem is not getting customer reviews. Your real problem is PREVENTING negative reviews! TrustBuilder can help you protect your reputation.
Sunday, 25 Jun 2017

Protecting & Building Your Online Reputation

Protecting and building your online reputation is a challenging job. Especially tough when you have a damaged reputation and need to rescue it. But your reputation can be fixed. And TrustBuilder can help.

Monday, 12 Jun 2017
Customer relationship is the single most important factor in differentiating and making your business stand above all the rest. A solid customer relationship, and the reputation that creates, is a rock solid foundation for keeping long-term, loyal customers, and attracting new customers who want that experience!

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