What are the SEO Advantages of using TrustBuilder?

  1. Automatically generated fresh website content.
  2. Rich snippet tagging of testimonials.
  3. Reviews on external websites.

The TrustBuilder customer feedback process helps you gain both testimonials and online reviews from your customers, both can benefit your search engine ranking.

The testimonials are added to your website and marked up in the "rich snippets" format that search engines, such as Google & Bing, understand and use to categorize and rank your website. Customer testimonials provide unique, original content to your website ensuring that it is seen by search engines as being regularly updated which is important for search rankings. Free SEO all done by your customers!

The rich snippet formatting also causes Google to highlight the listing of your website's review page with bright orange stars. This greatly increases the visibility of your Google search listing.

Getting customer reviews on major review sites like Google+, Facebook, Yelp, and others also helps with your local rankings. These reviews show Google that people are interacting with your business which signals popularity and authority to search engines. Ranking in search, for example, seems to follow review totals. Reviews also act as "citations" or references of your business from other credible sources, which is something that Google considers when it ranks search results.



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