Will TrustBuilder Work For My Type Of Business?

TrustBuilder will work for any business. But it works best for companies with repeat customers.

Any business will benefit from a consistent process of generating and responding to customer feedback to create a continuous cycle of customer engagement and service improvement.

TrustBuilder is designed to let a business easily implement a customer feedback and review management process.

Our feedback system automatically requests and tracks customer feedback, minimizes the number of negative reviews, embeds testimonials in your business website, and encourages happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet.

Key Benefits of TrustBuilder:

  1. Improve your business: Feedback creates a dialogue with customers so you can catch service problems early, build on your strengths, and constantly improve your service quality.
  2. Get better search results: The more reviews and testimonials you get, the better your search results become. Which all leads to more customers and more reviews.
  3. Generate new business: TrustBuilder helps you build trust - referrals, testimonials, and other customer feedback that encourages to repeat business, and convinces people to become new customers.

Examples of business types TrustBuilder works for.

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