Account Setup

What is required to setup your TrustBuilder account.

What We Do

We do all your account setup and custom branding of your feedback request messages.

What You Do

The only thing you need to do is provide your customer list.**

*Almost all POS (Point Of Sale) or business management software provides customer list export. The export process takes seconds and you simply email the export file to us.

For better response from your customers you can (should) provide:

  1. Copy of your logo.
  2. A photo of your business to use as a page background.
  3. A photo of the person(s) your customers will recognize.

*Using photos that customers recognize greatly increases the amount of feedback you will receive.

**Customer List

The initial customer list should be all customers who have been to your business in the last three years.

Going back that far in time can remind people of your business and get them to return. Requesting feedback can also help you discover why customers have not returned. This will give you the chance to help them and possibly win them back. If not, at least it helps you prevent future customer loss.

What if I don't have a customer list with emails?

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