Do Google, Bing, and other Search Engines index reviews and feedback left by my customers?

Yes. All content presented by the Testimonials Widget is indexed by search engines like google as part of your website*. Testimonials are marked up in review format; a format that Google recognizes and uses to identify website content.

*Many (most) customer review service widgets only "display" reviews on your website. Your reviews are hosted on their company website, and their website gets the SEO benefit, not your website.

TrustBuilder is different in 2 ways: first, we do not host your reviews online; second, we use a special technology to remotely store and "inject" your customer reviews into your website so that search engine "see" your reviews as part of your website. That way your website gets SEO credit for the reviews.

Does TrustBuilder syndicate reviews to other review sites?

No. The TrustBuilder system captures feedback from your customers and uses that content as testimonials only on your website, and encourages your customers to leave online reviews on other review websites such as Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, and many others.

Keeping testimonials and reviews separate provides unique, non-duplicated content in the form of testimonials and reviews that search engines love. That way your website gets maximum SEO value.

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