Why Feedback Matters

TrustBuilder is all about listening to your customers. They are your best business advisors. What they tell you is the quickest way to grow your business.

Ask. Listen. Improve.

Ask for their feedback. Pay attention to what they tell you. And use their suggestions to improve your business.

Happy customers attract more customers like them which grows your business.

Better Relationships

Find out what your customers think of what you offer. Use there suggestions to improve your service and make them like you even more. That builds lasting customer relationships.

Reasons feedback matters:

  1. Obtaining a new customer costs 6X that of keeping an existing one.
  2. The lifetime value of a customer is unlimited when you consider that they may refer new customers to you.
  3. Most people do not leave online reviews (75%) so encouragement is required.
  4. Facebook is the #2 popular place people post reviews.
  5. 72% of customers say they trust an online review or recommendation as much as a recommendation from a friend.
  6. Companies with leading Net Promoter Score* in their industry grow 2x faster than ones that lag behind.
  7. Feedback is most valuable over time – it's the pulse of your business.
  8. A negative online review will hurt more than a positive online review helps. Do everything you can to prevent negative reviews!
  9. The fewer reviews you have, the more a negative review hurts!
  10. Customers need to be asked for referrals, testimonials and reviews.
  11. Testimonials and reviews improve your Google search rankings.
  12. Reviews and testimonials improve conversions into paying customers.

*Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures the loyalty that exists between a business and a customer. It can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research and claims to be correlated with revenue growth. NPS can be as low as −100 (everybody is a detractor) or as high as +100 (everybody is a promoter). An NPS that is positive (i.e., higher than zero) is felt to be good, and an NPS of +50 is excellent.

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